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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sojourn at Lake Placid Lodge

How lovely of the snow to hold off until I turned into the driveway of Lake Placid Lodge! I was welcomed with a glass of a new, not-yet-on-the-market rose (accent on the e) French champagne. I noticed a subtly sweet and mellow flavor that had all the zing! of champagne. I did not refuse a second helping.

It's 6:10 pm EST and I'm sitting in front of a roaring fire in my room, Tamarack, named for a deciduous evergreen that thrives in the Adirondacks. I know, "deciduous evergreen" is an oxymoron, but trust me, the tamarack is a conifer that sheds its leaves late, late in the fall. It is a beautiful tree and no tree comes close to its exotic beauty or appearance.

After my tour, not long after I first arrived, I went for a hike on the "Jackrabbit Trail," about two miles' worth of wooded trail that skirts Lake Placid near a beautiful waterfall.

I then had a bit of lunch in a pub overlooking the lake before retiring to Tamarack to start a fire. (The photo does not do the room justice!) I've been basking in the fire's warmth and glow ever since. Someone, please slow down the clock!! I don't want this day and night to end!

Am I reading? Who could? I confess I read an interview with Johnny Depp in Vanity Fair, one of a dozen current magazines on hand in Tamarack. Am I the only one who thinks Depp looks SCARY, though tantalizingly so. Believe me, I am not a fan of his, but the article was interesting.

I wish I could read a book; heaven knows, I have enough here with me, but I'm mesmerized by the beauty of this incredible room, all decked out in the traditional rustic Adirondack style. I did write a page in my journal. Maybe I'll do better in the reading and writing departments after some supper. I do NOT want to go to sleep tonight! I want the fire and the magic to glow on and on.

This is a MAGIC place. I will return here.


  1. Looks like paradise! How jealous am I?? ;-)

  2. It does look magical--especially that cozy fire. Have a very Merry Christmas!