Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breathing Life into My Literary Lungs

I really must fully engage with the literary life. I feel so much more alive when I'm reading a great deal and involved in literature. I've been so overwhelmed, I haven't been able to nourish this part of my being. No job, no project, no worldly effort is worth giving up books.

I'm torn because I have so many books I want to read all at once. First I need some comfort (see my previous post below). So why not start with Katherine Hall Page's The Body in the Sleigh, a Christmas title from 2009? I happen to know Katherine; we served on the board of our alma mater's library for years, until I moved to the Adirondacks. Katherine has had quite a following for her mystery series. Given my trials of late, I think I could use something fun.


  1. Mysteries are often my favorite comfort reads, too. Sorry to hear your students are being difficult. Do you think it is laziness or just they really don't understand--though as you've gone over it with them, how could they not understand. I'd go a little crazy if I couldn't escape into a good story and have to read a little every day. I hope you have more reading time soon!

  2. This came in over Google alerts and what a wonderful surprise! I'll be at our Alma Mater tonight for the Vespers service and will be thinking of you.
    All best wishes,