Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Weeks Left in 2010--Which Books Will You Read?

Perhaps because I'm so in tune with the fall semester, the number of weeks remaining in this calendar year weigh heavily on my mind. I am hell-bent on engaging in the May Sarton discussion of The Small Room at the end of this month, and I'm eager to do a virtual Edinburgh tour with Ian Rankin by reading Let It Bleed with Katrina and whomever else would like to join us.

So, what else? I'm determined to read The Great House by Nicole Krauss, which has received unanimous rave reviews. But I must have that back to the library on November 1st.

My students are reading memoirs for our Memoir Project, which will culminate in their writing a very brief memoir of their own, of a single event, or a series of events in their lives. I simply must find a memoir to read to be in communion with them.

Are you putting a list together of the books you'd like to finish by New Year's, or does the calendar have zero impact on your reading speed? Please weigh in on your final 2010 reads!


  1. That's so funny that you ask this because I was going to ask this same question in my "I Wonder..." feature! I keep seeing a few books that I really, really want to read before the new year. Those would be: Room, Matterhorn, and Oogy. Of course there are a ton of others on my list, but these are three musts.

    P.S. Do you have ESP? lol

  2. Ten weeks! Groan. Why did you have to break it down like that? :( There are still several books I want to read. When I started blogging in April, I was so sure I'd get all my planned reading done. Then I began joining challenges. And while the challenges have helped me maintain focus, my introduction to ARCs is adding to my list. So even though I "groaned" at your question, it puts the time issue in perspective. Thanks for a very thoughtful post. Oh, and guess what's waiting for me at the library? The Great House

  3. I left a comment yesterday but it didn't show up here for some reason.

    Anyway, there are three books I really want to get to before the end of the year: Oogy, Matterhorn and Room.

  4. Only ten weeks left? Ack. Where did this year go? I usually spend the last few months trying to clean off my night table of books so I can start fresh with a very small, reasonable (well, reasonable being a relative term) number of books. Instead I've been going a little wild and have no chance of finishing all the books--and I won't even admit how many library books and worse interlibrary loan books I have going. I am past the halfway mark on the Sarton and enjoying it and think it will make for good discussion--am not sure where I stand on the situation. I would love to read the Krauss book but the line at the library is something like 100 patrons long so I'll just have to wait! And now that you mention this....I would love to read Ian Rankin considering my recent foray into Scottish crime fiction. I wonder if I can find a cheap copy of the book. Hmm. May have to read along, what's one more book at this point? :)

  5. Judith,
    Like all good teachers you're counting weeks! Only ten. I had hoped to take more bites out of my bedside pile, but I keep going to the library. Disaster struck last night when I visited Rebecca Reads and discovered the she is reading War and Peace along with others. I rashly decided to do it too, I've been putting it off for years. I'm still planning on reading more Ian Rankin books too.

  6. Hi - I'm visiting from the Slaves group and am very interested in memoir. Which books will you be studying? I was going to have a little memoir project on my blog, with Gornick's Fierce Attachments and Eva Hoffmann's Lost in Translation. You've reminded me of it!