In the High Peaks

Friday, October 15, 2010

Saying "Sayonara" to a Book

Book Blogger Hop at Crazy for Books this weekend. I have time this weekend because of our abominable weather. Two inches of snow tonight and howling winds after a day of a blustery, icy rain.

I have a problem "ditching" a book if I've managed to read over half of it. And the more I've read, the harder it is to stop reading. Yet if I start reading a title, and at pages 50-70 I can see it's going nowhere I want to go, I can easily set it aside and move on without remorse. But once a considerable time investment is made, I have trouble letting go, even though I've been known to make the sacrifice at late stages.

I'm facing this problem with Blackout by Connie Willis right now (scroll down for more info). I have only 120pages left of a nearly 500-page book, but I'm convinced nothing is going to happen that's going to make those final pages worth the trouble, so I tell myself I intend to get to the ending, but time passes and nothing happens and the book goes back to the library. But I still may finish it yet!


  1. I've read a couple books lately that I got far into (100+ pages) and gave them up. I didn't use to be like that - if I read more than 50 pages I would finish the book. Not anymore. I read 211 pages of a book recently (A Small Furry Prayer) and stopped without reading the 78 pages that were left. Like you said, nothing was happening and I didn't care if it did at that point!

  2. Hi Judith,

    I too have this problem. In fact, I will persist with books when they are so appallingly bad, I suspect they will cause brain damage or put a hole in the ozone layer.

    I'm currently reading such a book. Of course, it's my own fault for thinking that I would try a 'paranormal romance' and the paranormal might outweigh the romance.

    Tis not to be so. However, I am getting a very good laugh out of how despicably BAD this book is, and finding myself wondering what is missing in your life if this is all you ever choose to read.

    Only good thing about the book: I got it for free on the Kindle!

  3. Oh gosh! Good luck with Blackout. It's hard deciding to keep reading or stop when you've already read so much!

    You guys already got snow?! I love snow but it would suck getting it so early in the season. All the beautiful leaves on the trees are going to die :( 4 years ago we got a huge ice storm in Buffalo and the city had no power for a week. We had no pretty Autumn colors on the trees (which mostly fell over and died from all the ice anyway..) that year.

    Stay nice and warm inside your house :)

  4. It's just about impossible for me to give up on a book, especially if I've trudged through a fair whack of it. At least at the end of it I know that I missed absolutely nothing good and I can moan like hell about it.

    Oh Judith, snow already! How do you survive your hot/cold weather?