In the High Peaks

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Early Morning Reading on the Couch Goes Kaput?

Tomorrow the temperature in my northern world is supposed to top off at 65 degrees. Because Sophie, my golden retriever, wilts in "heat" above 50 degrees, I'll need to walk her EARLY.

And that's why I'm screaming, "Help!" I'm not ready to give up my early morning reading habit yet. It's only March 31st! I live just a couple of hours from Canada! We're usually buried in snow until mid-April. Okay...enough whining. (I'm not the hot-weather type.)

Onward...I'm more than halfway through Paul Auster's 2008 novel Man in the Dark. First I'll confess I'm a devoted follower of Auster. His work defies categorization, genre stereotyping, and all critics' attempts to fit him into a round hole. His novels are completely original and they usually blow my mind, to use a hackneyed cliche. Auster bends universes and creates casts of characters that exist in multiple worlds. And his novels are, without exception, intriguing stories, simply told, in simple language, that stretch the limits of the mind. I find them deeply affecting. I'm not going to even try to delineate the plot, but instead I'm providing a link that will do the job. But, whatever you do, do not rely on a plot description. Pick up an Auster novel and discover him for yourself.

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