In the High Peaks

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drinking Memoirs

Yes, I'm consumed by drinking memoirs this month. First Lit by Mary Karr and currently The Drinking Life by Pete Hamill. I've displayed a ravenous appetite for both books and have been intrigued by both writers' relationships with alcohol.

Yes, I'm captivated because I'm exploring my own "relationship" with alcohol, wine in particular. My wine consumption has changed since we've lived here and is different from my city habit. But, then, lots of things have turned on their heads since we arrived here. We're puzzled that we find ourselves so much more relaxed, and much of the time, just plain happier. We find we need less and less to make ourselves happy. Nature is enough for us, but, as an extra bonus we were never expecting, we have Dish Network TV, Netflix, and MOST IMPORTANT, an INCREDIBLE library system. Oh, yeah. Thank goodness, we didn't choose to live in the Northern Adirondacks.

But, back to drinking memoirs. I have to face the fact with my reading public that I was indeed disappointed when Mary Karr confessed in Lit that she converted to Catholicism to help her attain spiritual fulfillment and help. Yes, I'm glad for her that she found something that she says sustains her. But I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy her future writings, because the last quarter of Lit, about her conversion, and her newfound focus, was so...well, I'm sorry, but it put me to sleep. What could she possibly write now but Catholic poetry?

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