In the High Peaks

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Having Trouble with Blogger Comments--Will Respond Soon!

 I'm sorry not to be able to respond sooner to all the wonderful posts replying to my "Twenty Books of Summer" initial post. Blogger (yes--it's really Google) is giving me trouble. I will deal with this on Thursday, tomorrow. Thank you to all who responded!

I had work in Lake Placid today--it was snowing! It was 32 degrees at 10 am. When I left at 2 pm the sun was shining and the temps had risen to an astonishing 38 degrees! Tonight, we're many miles to the south and at a much lower elevation, but we're going down to 26 degrees. 


  1. Hi Judith, glad you're posting again. We wish we could have cooler temps here - we've a weird heat dome going on. So unusual for May. I think our typical snow flipped to the East. Hooray for Lake Placid. Must be pretty.

    1. I've heard about your heat dome, and it sounds perfectly awful! I hope it's just a temporary thing, and you'll get it past you very soon. And, yes, Lake Placid is very pretty--The Library where I volunteer sits right on Mirror Lake, with loads of picture windows. Beautiful.

  2. Hi Judith -- so far I haven't had trouble with blogger comments.. How have you and Ken been?I'm sure I've missed plenty on your blog these last months but, since I can see again I finally did a blog post with an update and some summer picks; have a good summer.

  3. Don't forget your 20 Books of Summer post! I am working on mine - Middlemarch or not, I can't decide . . . .