Thursday, September 10, 2020

Reading So Many Books!

Tonight I'm being forced to use yet another version of the NEW Blogger. Please bear with me. Yes, I'm in the midst of quite a number of new books, a dizzying number at this point.

First of all, I would like to announce that yes, I am reading Michael Cohen's memoir Disloyal, about his personal history and how he got sucked into Trump's paralytic orbit. I'm only 20 percent in, but Cohen's experience makes clear how people, with certain unfulfilled needs and pathological personality traits, become joined at the hip with people who appear to wield power and who employ a bullying strategy to enroll followers who may feel weak, yet want to feel powerful. This is the crux. Michael  Cohen admits that he worked doggedly for Trump for years before he was paid a cent. He just wanted to be in Trump's power orbit. It's mind-boggling, of course, as is every book written by a person close to Trump. Glad to be reading it, but let's face it. Can we trust that Cohen is being entirely truthful?? Given his personality profile, that is an unequivocal NO.

I'm luxuriating in the audio listening version of Elin Hilderbrand's 28 Summers. Wow!! Loving it so much!! These audio productions of her recent novels are of such high quality. I can't bear to see even one of them come to an end. 

Next, I'm listening to a new book published in late August, The New Wilderness by Diane Cook. It is a dystopian novel, and I hope to provide a link to its description very, very soon. It's an unsettling read, as dystopian novels so often are, set in the future.

I'm trying to finish 500 Miles from You by Jenny Colgan. This is definitely not one of my favorites of hers, as I've mentioned before, but I've stuck with it. I MUST list the Jenny Colgan books that are tops on my list. Very soon.

Made another disheartening trip to buy groceries an hour from here yesterday. SIGH. It could have been worse, I suppose. But I'm going further afield next week, to Saratoga Springs, where there  is an excellent market. At least I'll be able to get excellent chicken. And some other meats. And fish.


  1. Blogger means business this time, I think. Every time I go to my blog it morphs into the new version no matter how often I click on "Revert to Legacy Blogger" at the bottom. I have sent feedback a couple times but not screenshots which they ask for.

    This must be the best time of year where you live! Maybe the tourists haven't gone home because they are working remotely? I know some of my friends went to Cape Cod for the summer and have not returned.

    I think I told you my mother's family had a house in Indian Lake where they spent every summer. My grandfather made many improvements over the years but sold it without consulting his four adult children because he thought it should be used for long vacations, not a week here or there, and none of them had jobs where they could take off long periods of time. Of course, they could have shared it, and my mother who loved it most was very sad and still is, 45 years later. My grandfather, who was a professor at Columbia, was famous for saying (whether at home or in the Adirondacks) as they heard a car pull in, "Oh, did I tell you I invited the [blanks] to stay?" I don't know how my grandmother put up with it.

    1. We are seeing less tourist traffic now, yes, and we are glad for that.
      I have heard of other older family members selling off vacation property. The reason he seems to have given does not really "wash," in some ways. It doesn't make sense at all, as if there might have been some other reason. I've seen cases like this lots of time here, where the older owner didn't feel that they had the "right" person to leave the cabin to, or whatever. Extremely annoying to children that might care for a place into the future. I have a good friend, who was one of three girls in the family, whose father decided to leave the cabin to his nephew. In my family, this would have been totally unacceptable behavior. But everyone had to accept it, and I wonder why this man's wife had no say. Very sad.
      Blogger is going to see people defect by the thousands. Their new site does not work now, it didn't work two months ago, and it's not ever going to work. I guess I'm making plans, sort of.

  2. Four books is a lot to be reading at the same time, I don't think I could do that. Three is too many for me.

    Re grocery shopping, we do not have too many problems in that area, although I haven't bought a lot of meat in a while, so don't know what is hard to find. I do notice that the options have narrowed down in all categories. My son and I shop very early in the day to avoid crowds. Not the earliest hours reserved for seniors though. And usually at that time, there are a lot of employees loading the shelves, which can cause problems.

    At your last post you asked what my favorite month in Santa Barbara is. I had not really thought about it a lot, but I decided on June, because in June we often have a lot of overcast days with little sun. I love that kind of weather, and it is usually coolish. It is referred to as "June gloom" here because most people hate it, but my family loves it.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      How wonderful--June. And how interesting that your weather is so overcast during that month, and cool. I would like that, too, I think, because in June there is so much light from the sun, that it is bright even when overcast. "June gloom." I love it.

    2. I have been using the new blogger now for several weeks and it has been better behaved for me. The main problem I still experience is that I cannot move images (I cut and paste instead) and haven't figured out how to have them situated on the right or left of text, or next to each other. But lately I have just been adding images and leaving them centered on the page and not had any other problems. What problems do you have with it?