In the High Peaks

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Bookshelf Travelers You May Have Missed. Have You Travelled and Been Missed? Do Tell!

Carl Anderson's Bookshelf Travelling  post this past week transported me deep, deep, deep into Middle Earth with J.R. Tolkien. I had no idea that Tolkien had written so many other books aside from The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Rings. Do visit Carl's shelves. I'm definitely inspired to pursue Tolkien. I think I'm going to explore lots of them. I had no clue there was so much more to enjoy!

And Jack Deighton, Katrina's husband, at The Son of the Rock has several bookshelves loaded with science fiction, but notably Jack's interests often reach well beyond sci-fi. Some historical fiction as well.
What's great is that both guys have beautifully photographed bookshelves. I'm suffering  from crippling envy, really, because I can't seem to get my shelves to photograph well at all. Maybe they could  be  persuaded to offer a tutorial!  Anyway, well worth a long visit!


  1. I hand always wondered about the other things that JRR Tolkien had written myself.

    There is the additional Middle Earth stuff. Then there are other writings. His literary criticism sounds interesting. With all that, I have only read The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring Books.

    1. I read The Hobbit first when I was twelve, and I didn't really like it much. But the first volume in The Fellowship of the Rings was a completely different story. Really liked it a lot. But that's all I've read. I also picked up Tolkien's slim volume, a fantasy about Father Christmas, which he wrote for his children. I liked that, too.

  2. Hi, Judith, hope you are doing OK. I can't remember if I have already commented here a week or so ago or not. My brain is a sieve nowadays.