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Thursday, March 19, 2020

The New Friday Meme: A Bit More Info

If you missed my Wednesday night post announcing my new Friday meme concept, you can scroll down to read all about it or follow this link. It will help you understand the silliness that follows. I've designed the meme to be very open-ended, so that bloggers and readers can participate and follow their fancy.

Yes, we are missing a name for the Friday Meme at Reader in the Wilderness. The names that have popped to mind have made me laugh at my absurdity. I will share them, but please, if a good name pops into your brain, do let me know. In general I think most bloggers who sponsor memes have been very clever naming them, and I wonder why I'm having so much trouble.

OKAY. The first two names I came up with made me laugh hysterically.  "Shelves for Sanity." OR  "Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times."   (Actually, I kind of like the latter.)
I then listed all the concepts involved in the meme.
1. Home.
2. Books in the home.
3. Touring books in the home.
4. Books organized or not organized on shelves, in bookcases, in stacks, or heaped in a helter-skelter fashion on any surface, including the floor, the top of the piano, etc.
5. Talking about books and reading experiences from the past, present, or future.
6. Two more dimwitted names: "Adventures Touring My Book Shelves."  Or "Bookshelf Adventures."
7. Which brings me back to what I think is my favorite "Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times." Does it need a tweak? Any suggestions? I would welcome them.

Oh, gosh, and I need to find a photo. That's next!


  1. I like "Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times" personally because that describes it perfectly! I've been rather busy today so may not manage to do this today, will try but it might be tomorrow instead. I like the Touring Books in the Home category, I might do my library pile or the bag of books my cousin gave me in Penzance... which by the way included a heap of Christmas stories... I thought of you immediately! Will keep an eye out for your next post.

    1. Hi Cath,
      You received a heap of Christmas stories. How wonderful. I'll look forward to the time, whenever it is, that you write about that. Of course, Christmas is not on the top of people's minds right now. But sometime.

  2. I just commented on the first post, but I'll ad that I like Scoping the Shelves for a name. Still, I'll have to do on Wednesday if at all.

    1. Sorry, Rick, that I haven't replied sooner. I like "Scoping the Shelves," too, even if I'm a bit unfamiliar with the verb "to scope." I definitely get it, though. And it would be wonderful to have you participate.

  3. "Adventures among the Bookshelves" is another possibility.

    "Shelves for Sanity" is a riot. I do look to my books for sanity, as an anchor in these crazy times. I can't go outside to the store, but I can stare at my bookshelves all day long. Glad mine are nice with books, pottery and photos.