In the High Peaks

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Books in the Mail! And Memorial Day Readathon

I will be in the MOOD to read for hours and hours starting Thursday.
I can feel the compulsion coming over me, which will likely last all weekend.
We will also dine at The Inn on Gore Mountain. Susan Minucci is hands-down the best chef in Warren and Essex Counties. And I will do a few walk-abouts, but due to our super-rainy spring, we're having the worst black fly season in years and years, so I must choose very windy places to gaze at nature.  I will also plant my horde of violas and pansies, finally, into pots.
House-cleaning is out of the question until next week, or the week after, maybe.

My priority is to  finish The House of Mirth for the Classics Club Spin by May 29th. And how I will enjoy being able to concentrate on it! I can already see that I am waiting to read it again. There's so much in it.

Two new, new books arrived in the mail today. You may have heard news about them or seen the excellent reviews.

The first has received the most praise thus far.

Follow this link for all the praise from reviewers:
Be sure to click the "Read More" prompt to get a taste of what reviewers all over the US are saying.

I'm so happy to have this book in my house this weekend.
Who would have known that Harper Lee started this book project? It's so interesting, because, in part Harper Lee had been so burned by Truman Capote's eager and whole-hearted acceptance of all of her research and help with the organization and writing of  In Cold Blood, and then he never once, not ever, acknowledged her contribution. No acknowledgement, no payment, nothing. What a tragedy, followed by the complete breakdown of a relationship that dated back to childhood.

So now today--what we, the public, didn't know until the publication of this book is that Harper Lee decided in the early 1970s to try to write her own "nonfiction novel" of a true crime case, this one in Alabama. I only wish that she had had a few older mentors and contemporaries to support her through the process.  A community of writing colleagues. As far as I know, she didn't have them--not close ones anyway, as far as I know. Perhaps this book will enlighten this part of her life.

My other hardcover book in the mail today:
The Guest Book, which is receiving rave reviews all over. I've provided a link to Maureen Corrigan of NPR's brief thoughts, but many more are all around. It is the type of book I'm yearning for.
 And a happy long weekend to all of you!


  1. I also hope to get a lot of reading done over the long weekend. The story behind Furious Hours is interesting. Harper Lee’s life seems to endlessly fascinate people.

    Happy Reading!

    1. Hi Brian,
      Now that Harper Lee has died, there is more access to her papers, etc. She was a brilliant, complex woman. The "unpublished" novel that was published after her death, and that was written after To Kill a Mockingbird is proof of that. Endlessly fascinating, yes.
      And I wish you happy leisure hours of reading as well, Brian!

  2. I had no idea about Harper Lee and Truman Capote. Rather shocking and disappointing!

    A read-a-thon is exactly what I need. I have so many books on the go and committments coming up so I need to clear them up. We'll see how I can do. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hi Cleo,
      I hope and wish you some extra reading time this weekend! (Maybe you'll find a rainy weekend day to help the reading part along.)

  3. I too am hoping to get some extra reading in this weekend, though mine starts on Friday evening.

    I didn't finish Blake's The Postmistress. It just didn't call out to me so I quit reading it. I'll be interested to hear how you like The Guest Book. :D

    1. Ruthiella,
      You know, The descriptions of The Postmistress did not call to me at the time it was published and reviewed. And indeed, I will let you know, but you know, I have so many books on my plate at the moment! Eeks! But a fun, delightful EEK!

  4. I am going to look up The Guest book. It caught my attention!

    1. You know, Harvee, I hope that someday this year, this summer??, I get to it. My books are overwhelming me at the moment, which is ideal, really. The worst state of mind is to have no books in the house worth reading. Horrors!