Saturday, July 22, 2017

Brookner and The Last Laugh Dropping By

Thank goodness, I got my wish and Anita Brookner's Misalliance dropped in--what a relief to see a compact book of 208 pages on my table! I can't wait to get back to Brookner's voice. I'm so glad all of her books are still in print (or have been reprinted).

I listened to Maureen Corrigan's stellar NPR review of Lynn Freed's latest novel The Last Laugh,  about a group of women, all 60-something, and their sincere attempts to have a "getaway from it all" vacation in Greece. As you might imagine, when most women are 60-something or other, there are still plenty of family obligations--parents, children, husbands and lovers (both current and former), bound to encroach on even the most finely-tuned escape plans. This is high comedy, Corrigan says, and I'm looking forward to it. With bells on. (To listen to the six-minute review, follow the link and, as surprising as this is, click the arrow in  the upper left-hand corner.)

These are my new books for the weekend. I'm finishing up the last 65 pages of A Gentleman from Moscow by Amor Towles and am still reading The Windfall, the contemporary Indian novel by Diksha Basu, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

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