In the High Peaks

Monday, August 15, 2016

Where Have I Been and Books under the Bridge

I must confess that we have had the highest humidity (and heat with it) since we moved to the Adirondacks. Our dewpoints were in the high 70s last week and Sunday--just soaking, water-saturated air that usually does not make it this far north. Sun, followed by torrential downpours, more sun, and the cycle repeats itself. I'm "used to it" because I grew up in Boston's sultry, dripping wet Augusts, but so far we had escaped the worst of this weather here. Temps in the high 80s, that's not unheard of. But It was those Florida dewpoints that got us all down.

I am a limp dishrag in such conditions with the brain of a pinhead pigeon, and hence, I've been reading but not writing about the books consumed.

Some of you have asked about the reading shelter or reading tent, as we call it. I can tell you that we haven't been in it since our last tolerable weather day last Wednesday. But here's to hoping for more hours comforted by a beautiful view in better weather.

And then there's the view from the reading tent:

It's too bad that all the August goldenrod is not apparent in this photo. We're looking out on what should be a field of wildflowers, but because the fields have not been cut the last two years, you can see we need to hire someone to come this September to cut or "brushhog" it; that is, if we hope to keep our fields as fields and not forest. We have lots of woods, too. But I like the fields, too. It's just that expensive maintenance piece!

I've read a number of books this month so far--I will write about them in coming days, but do look at my "Books Read in 2016" blogroll, just underneath my "Blogs of  Substance" list for now.


  1. Replies
    1. We're supposed to have a couple of cooler, much less humid days on Monday-Wednesday. We'll be putting the tent to good use then!

  2. It is lovely, I'm surprised it is all so green despite the heat, I suppose all that rain helps. That reading tent is a brilliant idea.

    1. The high humidity helps, too. Think rainforest!

  3. I sympathize with you as I droop like month-old flowers in this humidity and heat. I stay in my a/c, barely getting anything done. I even drooped about reading, something I rarely do.

    The reading tent is very nice. Do you get enough light to read in it? Is Sasha allowed to visit?

    And the view from the tent is glorious. I would surely love to look at that greenery part of the year.

    1. This summer I had more than enough light to read in the tent, even though I only read in it when it's shaded. And does Sasha ever love the tent! She spends around 45 minutes to an hour sniffing the air right and left while lounging, and then falls into a deep sleep.
      I'm hoping our mutual "drooping" will come to an end soon!

  4. We had several days of glorious pre fall weather and now the heat and humidity has reared its ugly self for a few day:( Looking forward to fall. Your pictures look very tranquil for reading and relaxing.