In the High Peaks

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Early May Reading--Peter May's The Lewis Man

I returned home from a 10-day business trip in far western New York State last Thursday night. Since then I've been scrambling to write up a report of my findings from that research trip. It pains me that my reading life has had to take a back seat for the time being. Ouch...!

Peter May's second volume in his Lewis Trilogy, The Lewis Man, was fully engrossing. Although not the 10-star tour de force of Volume 1, The Black House, I loved this novel just as much, because more of the main characters' lives and personalities were revealed. These books are thriller/mysteries, written by the Scottish author Peter May, set in the Outer Hebrides islands. Portraying setting and atmosphere is among his secret arsenal of skills. And, of course you know, I'll delay reading the last book in the trilogy because I don't want to let go of these characters.

Right now I've tried to get immersed in Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman, which received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. I like it very much, but the problem is, I don't have a minute to read it until just before falling asleep, and that does not work very well. I'm hoping to devote lots of time to it this coming weekend.

Am I praying for a rainy weekend??? Well, maybe not, but I wouldn't find one a total loss.


  1. I must read The Black House, etc. It's been on that darned TBR list for ages. Time to actually plow into that book.
    I read Entry Island - weak mystery, but the historical part in the Hebrides was awful, but fascinating.

    1. Hmmm...I haven't read Entry Island yet, though I will eventually. My next will be the third in the Lewis Trilogy, which is The Chess Men, or Chess Man--one or the other. Then I think I'll read the one he wrote that is set in Canada, in the St. Lawrence River area--Gaspe Peninsula. I don't remember.

  2. I just raced through The Blackhouse, an excellently written book. Now am looking forward to reading The Lewis Man, and based on what you wrote here, I'm tempted to even buy it to get it faster. (Too bad but I'd put aside the latest Nevada Barr book, "Boar
    Island, to read May's.)
    "Entry Island" is the book set in the St. Lawrence River area. The historical part is best. Poor farmers and the elderly forced out of their homes in the Outer Hebrides onto ships to go to Canada to an unknown fate.

  3. I've got to read Entry Island, though I think I want to finish Chessman, the third book in the trilogy first. I just wish he would write more books!
    And Boar Island--I don't know that Nevada Barr title.