In the High Peaks

Saturday, February 6, 2016

If Only A Readathon and New Books on Tap

I've just finished my second Sue Grafton mystery for 2016, and it's only the first week of February. This may not portend well for diversified or literary reading this year. Yes, K is for Killer was definitely entertaining and worth reading. And Sue Grafton's mysteries get better with each new installment. Save me!

But guess what. I have some great reads on hold for me at Crandall Library in the "city," and because Ken is going to the Y tomorrow, he'll be able to pick them up for me, so I have them for my trip to Boston this Tuesday through Saturday. I may plan for a complete day of nothing but reading. Maybe Friday or Saturday?

I'm lucky to have Sebastian Faulks's new book waiting for me. I haven't read Faulks since the days of Birdsong and some of his other works of historical fiction. The latest, Where My Heart Used to Beat appeals to me because I empathize with a troubled person who reflects on past trauma, and whose life is profoundly disturbed by war trauma from World War II. I'll be very interested to read it.

And I have a new Classics Club book to read. And that's the Dutch novel The Storm by Margriet de Moor, a novel based on the devastating real-life flooding of the Netherlands in the early 1950s.

Also on hold is Cath of Read Warbler's winter read recommendation: Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story, although as Cath pointed out, it's more wintry than Christmasy. Looking forward!

I wish to be buried by books.


  1. I haven't read Sebastian Faulks since Birdsong either, so will be curious to hear what you think. Safe travels!

    1. JoAnn,
      So far very interesting. Faulks is definitely getting into The Depths with this novel, which suits me, especially because it touches on the topics of trauma and memory. But I'm only halfway through right now, as of Friday night.
      Thank you for your safe travel wishes--they are most welcome.

  2. Looking forward to Faulks new book as well. Enjoy your time in Boston.

    Judith thanks for recommending the Maynard book, I really enjoyed it and in many ways it made me think of my own younger days -- though I never slept with Saliger 😜😍😍😍 Here us a link to my review---

    1. Hi Diane,
      I'm so glad you read Looking Back. I was rearranging my mass-market paperbacks and came across it while looking for another book. I do love the photo of her on the original cover. If you haven't seen it, you can google it.
      I recall vividly when I read it that she captured my own feelings about growing up "then," and, I don't know if I've told you this, but I had the thought, "I wish I had written this book."