In the High Peaks

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Must Post but Pardon! Way Behind

I've fallen terribly behind with my blog writing as sometimes happens in the autumn months. Our prime foliage has passed, leading to a slump in my mood, something that only a bright snowfall can lift! And for that we need to wait for weeks. Just give me some light! Time for candles and the gas fire, and books.

I still fully intend to blog about my enjoyment and enthralled appreciation of The Haunting of Hill House, the 1959 classic by Shirley Jackson. I was supposed to do this on October 1st, and what day is it now? Please don't remind me.

I still haven't written about why A Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger is one of my favorite books of 2014. This post is long overdue! If you are leaning toward reading this book, you will not make a mistake by moving forward to read it.

And books in my house as of today: I went to Crandall Library and The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher was on hold for me. Wunderbar! I feel so lucky to have the short story and others in the collection to read this weekend.

Another read for my R.I.P. IX: I'm devouring Tana French's The Secret Place. Very, very worthwhile so far. French has a firm, masterful touch on dialogue and exquisite pacing--and her characterizations show the mark of a dedicated stylist. It's a long book, but I don't mind a bit, yet it might be a while before I complete it as it is a true chunkster.

One very lucky book arrived at my door today! For two years, I have waited for the moment to acquire a copy of The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, published in 2012 by New York University Press. I received this massive, colorful tome at a major discount from a used book sale at the New England Historical Genealogical Society. I paid $40 for a $70 book and it is "Like New." Lucky. I have browsed all through it while cooking dinner tonight and I'm very excited.

So I hope to post more substantial stuff very, very soon!


  1. We all get behind in blogging, but at least you are enjoying your reading. The header photo is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, JoAnn,
      Yes I am thoroughly enjoying everything I've been reading--to the detriment of other important work and pastimes.
      I managed to get the header photo this fall on a long hike, but many images came out badly. We think my camera lens has problems.

  2. Nice to have a round-up of what you've been reading, Judith. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews of ALL the books.

    1. Thank you, Sarah.
      Do you know my "WannaRead" list is growing by leaps and bounds--many, many times faster than I'm able to read the books I'm dying to consume. It's really beginning to bother me! Especially since I've entered a new decade of my life. Where does the time go?

  3. Very beautiful top photograph of autumn in the Adirondacks. I look at it often. It's been so long since I've seen fall foliage, not since I went to school in Vermont or rode from New York to Boston or vice versa.

    That red tree is incredible!

    Great you're reading. I am planning to read Tana French's new book soon. And I'm noting down the book about the Irish famine. Never heard of it, but since half my lineage is Irish, I should know more than I do.

    Enjoy reading. Don't worry about anything; just enjoy yourself.

  4. And, I agree about the number of books that are being published that I can't keep up with. I'm so far behind on my TBR piles and lists that I had to stop worrying about it. I was spending more time bemoaning my lack of rapid reading skills than actually reading.

    Now I'm reading the hilarious The Rosie Project, a bit off my usual crime fiction, but fun.