In the High Peaks

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dewey's Readathon: Discoveries and Reflections

This readathon first-timer found much to like about dedicating an entire day to reading for pure pleasure. This morning I awoke feeling well-rested, which is something I seldom experience. I enjoyed every minute of the day, including the minutes I was not reading. The relaxation I experienced was profound.

From the age of 17, I've had this cherished belief (more like an idée fixe) that I must exercise every single day without fail. I think I believe that daily exercise is essential to being as healthy as I can possibly be.

I must say that Dewey's Readathon came at a time when I've been reexamining what I need to be healthy and the role of various kinds of relaxation in enhancing good health, both physically and mentally.

I have discovered in the past six months or so that reading in a quiet, comfortable setting makes me deeply relaxed, similar to the effects of a 15-minute bout of meditation.

In any case, I'm not giving up daily exercise, but once a month or so, or whenever I really need and want to, I might treat my mind and body to a full day of reading as I did yesterday. It made me feel very, very good!

So thank you! to all the hard-working, self-sacrificing organizers of this event. I appreciate your efforts tremendously!


  1. I'm glad the readathon was such a success for you, Judith. Reading seems to have the same effect on me, too, and I hope to participate (for the first time) in the October event.

  2. This is great Judith. I do hope when you forget to take a day for yourself you come bad to this post and reread it. It's funny how every one smiles and nods if we exercise during the day but if we read for our day, exercising our brain cells and learning new things people think we're not doing anything, ourselves included. Great job.

  3. Eeks! Excercise once a day! This couch potato isn't likely to do that -- some leg lifts and kneebends are about it.

    However, love the readathon idea. And also like the Norwegian Paskekrim, Easter weekend dedicated to reading crime fiction for the entire country.

    I find that nothing relieves stress or profers distraction like good fiction.

  4. Now I miss Sasha's smiling face! Such a beauty.
    Is her photo anywhere findable on the blog?

    Have a great Readathon.

    I have reading weekends, no calls, tea, treats.

  5. Your readathon sounded great. Well down, Judith!