In the High Peaks

Monday, March 31, 2014

Going Back to Reading

Just the briefest of posts to say that I've finished two projects that have kept me from reading: one was a writing project and the other an editing job. I'm returning to reading immediately, but to which book I'm not definite--hence, the abbreviated post. I'd like to read one of my TBRs, but I have more than $60 in Barnes and Noble credit to divert me. Now that is exciting! I'd like a fun, frivolous read to start.

Spring is trying to approach, but temps will fall to 22 degrees tonight, then up to the 40s tomorrow, a bit on the cold side for April, but not unheard of. We hope we stay in the 40s and low 50s for a while so that all the snow can melt gracefully. Also praying for no big storms. We've had huge snowstorms in April. I will return soon with something much more substantial, I hope.


  1. 60 dollars Barnes and Nobles......Have you got S? I just started it yesterday and have to say that I'm hooked. I'm going to limit myself to one chapter a day so I can 'get my money's worth' from it, but it sure is tempting to stay up all night with it.

  2. Hurrah for getting back to reading! I have been mired in work and deadlines, but have still managed to get a fair amount of reading done...not much writing/blogging though.