In the High Peaks

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mary Stewart: The Stormy Petrel Fiasco, Future Plans, & Corrections

First off: A correction of yesterday's post! I believed I was on the Mary Stewart page when I ordered The Ivy Tree for the Kindle. I really did. I was there. It gave me permission to order. But! And this big but I will ascribe to user error. Somehow or other I ordered The Ivy Tree, a completely different novel, written by another writer.

So, as of now, I'm doubtful that The Ivy Tree can be ordered for the Kindle. Sorry, readers!

And my plans to read The Stormy Petrel went Poof! as soon as I realized it's the Mary Stewart novel I read most recently, although probably 15 years ago. I remember parts of the novel vividly, especially the heroine's arrival on the Hebridean (sic?) island on the West Coast of Scotland and her early, lonely days there while she waited for her brother to arrive--her solitary communion with the seabirds, the rugged terrain, and the isolation.

My Plans: I intend to purchase a complete paperback set of her novels, most of which are available from Amazon, and I believe from Barnes & Noble.

Please visit Gudrun's Tights for more Mary Stewart discussions! A great week.


  1. I love Mary Stewart's books, especially Touch not the Cat. Glad you are another fan.

    1. Sarah,
      You know, I picked up a nice hardcover copy of Touch Not the Cat at a library book sale and haven't read it yet! Thanks for the nudge. I'm in the mood!!