Monday, March 4, 2013

Briefly...The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

As usual, I'm having trouble treading water. Gosh. I wasn't able to finish The Flowers of War in time. (See previous posts.) Rats. Double rats.

I must report that I was enthralled for weeks listening to The Secret Keeper by the Australian writer Kate Morton during my weekly commutes to work. The reader was superb; each voice was spoken with nuance and such intricate skill, which made this incredible novel all the more enthralling. At first I must confess I was put off by the voice and dialect of one character, but that was only one voice. As the novel progressed, voices and characters were added, as were the complexities and twists of plot, which turned and turned and turned! I am in awe of Morton's talents. Character! Plot! Setting! All of it magnificently done. If you like being swept away (as in overboard!), do read this novel. I'm now convinced that I must read all of Kate Morton's novels, though I suspect that this latest is her best. How could any book trump it?


  1. I've enjoyed every Kate Morton book that I've read. She is certainly a page turner. I'll try and track down this one. Thanks for the review.

  2. I enjoyed it very much, and it led me to write a special review.
    Not sure which one is my favorite: this one, The Forgotten Garden or The Distant Hours, which I have not reviewed yet!:

  3. Kate Morton is an amazing writer. I've never listened to an audio book - perhaps I should put this on my list of things to attempt this year.

  4. Enjoyed the book a lot. Almost like a historical fiction, good story line. (More words required, but I don't have any more)