In the High Peaks

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Final Words about Bernhard Schlink

Last evening, Saturday, I began my wrap-up commentary about Bernhard Schlink's writings. I was not able to finish. This morning I have finished my comments, the entire body of which you will see in the previous entry. Those who only received the first set of ramblings may now see that I was headed...somewhere, at least.

As most of you know, I don't review books in the standard sense or in any other sense, really. What I do, as my Reader in the Wilderness subtitle suggests, is give my personal reflections on the books I read and on the authors I admire.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Bernhard Schlink Week!!!


  1. great to join in hope you do it again next year ,all the best stu

  2. well done look forward to next years ,all the best stu

  3. Judith: for the Mt. TBR Challenge--I'm glad to have you along!!--but I need you to create a Challenge post and link that up to the Challenge site--not your home page URL. Thanks!