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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bernhard Schlink Week, November 11-17

Bernhard Schlink Week is my very first blog event! In mid-November, I am inviting EVERYONE to drop in and participate, even if the last time you read a Schlink novel was a year or more ago.

Schlink's novels and short stories:

  • Summer Lies (short stories) 2012
  • The Weekend 2010
  • Homecoming 2007
  • The Reader 1997
  • Flights of Love (short stories) 2001

  • Then there are his crime novels, none of which I've read. Have you tried one?
    • Self's Murder 2005
    • Self's Deception 2007
    • Self's Punishment (with Walter Popp) 2009
    • Gordian's Knot  2010  (Vintage pub. date) 
    And the brief nonfiction title, a long thought-provoking essay:
    • Guilt about the Past, first published in Australia in 2009, and in Canada in 2010
    Would you please let me know if there are titles I'm missing that have been published in Europe?


    1. I wouldn't know of any other titles
      I might read The Weekend although the reviews were not so good but I'm interested in the topic. In any case, I'm looking forward to the week and the whole month.

    2. Caroline,
      I enjoyed and appreciated The Weekend, but I certainly wondered how most Americans could possibly understand it without a thorough knowledge of East German history.

      I know you do, so I fully expect you will find it interesting, as I did.

      Thanks for posting,

    3. I'll be reading Homecoming. I've never read anything by Schlink before so it'll be interesting.

      1. Katrina,
        I really liked Homecoming, and because it gave me so much to think about, I'm reading it again.

        Thanks for signing up!

    4. I ve his new short story collection ready ,all the best stu

      1. Hi, Stu,
        Is Summer Lies the title of the new short story collection? That's the title in the U.S. I'm not sure if it's the same in the UK.

        So glad to have you aboard!