In the High Peaks

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do you know about Coursera?

Just in case you haven't heard about Coursera, I thought I'd give you a few links to see if you'd be interested in taking a university course, offered by some of the top universities in the U.S., for FREE.

Because my greatest dream has been to be a university student in a Ph.D. program in one of my favorite areas of knowledge, I immediately latched onto Coursera. I can't afford a Ph.D., but Coursera has possibilities for the insatiable learner in all of us.

This fall I'm taking "Modern and Contemporary American Poetry"  offered by the University of Pennsylvania. I'd tell you more, but we had a WILD and woolly storm this afternoon and have lost electric power. I'm operating on battery at the moment so must be quick.

In any case, many courses are available in many subjects. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up, but that doesn't mean anything, as many courses are still open.

When you get to the Coursera homepage, click on "Categories." You don't need to set up an account to browse the site. If you're like me, you'll next click on "Humanities and Social Sciences."

Better linking tomorrow, if I've got real POWER.


  1. I came across this site as well and think it's amazing what they offer. I wanted to take the same course you are taking but I don't have enough time...

    1. Hi, Caroline,
      Like you, I don't have time either. But that's perfectly okay. Everything is free, and you can partake--reading the online material, watching the video lectures, when you have a free half-hour or two.


  2. So cool! The last time I looked into Coursera there were only a few courses and they were all computer science based. I was thrilled to see all of the social science and humanities offerings now and signed up for both the Poetry course you mentioned and a couple of others!