In the High Peaks

Monday, July 2, 2012

What Do You Read When There's No Time to Read?

Yes, I'm going a bit batty. This summer I've had so little time to read. Recovering physical fitness has had to take a priority, as has getting my financial and actual house in order, but I'm happy to report that at least I'm regaining strength and agility sooner than I thought possible.

So the squeeze to read:
I've been suckered in by Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I downloaded it onto the Nook. Unfortunately, these psychological thrillers have proved addictive lately.

Late this afternoon I've searched for a good interview with Flynn to post here. I'd settle for decent, but even that's been hard to find. How about not too bad?


  1. I came looking to see what you made of Gone Girl. While it was a great read, I'll admit to quote Johnny Rotten: "ever got the feeling you've been cheated."

  2. Well, Guy, I guess there's not much I can say about Gone Girl. It was a romp through a cotton-candy floss universe. But I didn't expect much from it, mostly because I read psychological thrillers as cheese puffs; empty calories that taste good at the moment but leave you with NOTHING.

    I know what you mean by feeling cheated, especially because I read a number of thrillers last summer that kept throwing these delightfully entertaining boomerangs at me. Before I Go to Sleep by Watson is one example.


  3. Have you read Tana French's Broken Harbour? Now there's a real crime novel.