Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Four-Day TOTAL Vacation

Starting tonight, I don't have any schoolwork to do until next Tuesday, May 10. A NO-WORK 4-Day Weekend! Incroyable! Celebrate!

Reading, first.
I believe I may begin my sojourn by reading the Swedish author's Leif GW Persson's Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End: The Story of a Crime. The title makes me laugh, because right now, here in the North Country, I feel as though we're still sitting between winter's end and summer's longing! The trees don't dare put out leaves, it's been so cold. Tonight there will be a drop to 29 degrees again followed by a warm-up and sunshine to 58 degrees, which will be the warmest temp all week! We have had not a drop of sunshine since last Sunday. Even so, our daffodils finally made an appearance, though they're kissing the earth from all the rain that's fallen. Sad, really.

Oh, dear, dear readers! I've just read a horrible review of Persson's crime novel in The New York Times. Oh, horrors. I can't venture forth with that review in my mind.

What shall I read? It appears I may have to go scanning my TBR stacks.

That might be fun, actually. Please stay tuned until tomorrow when I should have my next read sorted out!

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