Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reading Like Mad

Well, that was yesterday. I was too sick to drive, too sick to teach, and I called in--sick. I'm allowed one paid sick day per semester.

I stayed in bed, and once the waves of nausea passed, I read and read. How peaceful, how restful it is to pass hours on a rainy sick day in bed! The rain pattered on the roof all day, keeping me company. It was so restorative that I turned out to be well enough today to go to school and teach. A wonderful teaching day, as it turned out to be.

Today I visited the library before classes and picked up an array of books to calm me this weekend.

I'm very happy to say that I have an early P.D. James mystery on tap: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, a Cordelia Gray mystery, published back in 1977.

Then I have another book I discovered that has me all curious from head to toe: Perfect Reader by Maggie Pouncey, published in 2010.

My only problem: I don't have an audiobook right now for my commute. I'll need to work on that one.


  1. So glad that you're feeling better now. Only being allowed one paid sick day each semester seems mean. I think I've seen a dramatization of the P.D. James book on TV.
    I think that The Guardian website has bookish podcasts which you might be able to listen to on your journey.

  2. It was so nice for you to say that one paid sick day was mean. This was the first year they offered that, if you can imagine.

    Yes, I can order the BBC production of Death in Holy Orders from Netflix. I think I'll do that this summer. I think Ken will enjoy it.

    I do like the Guardian website very much! They are top notch in my book!

    We've had an inch of snow this afternoon, but I don't mind. The sun is so strong now, snow can't last but a half day.

    My best wishes to you, Katrina!