In the High Peaks

Monday, November 12, 2012

Summer Lies & Other Schlink Tales

Thank you, Stu Allen, of Winston's Dad, for your review of Summer Lies, Bernhard Schlink's 2012 collection of short stories. Of all the bloggers I know, Stu's reviews reach to every corner of the globe, including countries that are not yet recognized for their literature and that have not cultivated and supported their writers. I'm thinking of Montenegro and other Balkan countries, tiny African nations, and remote South American societies.


  1. Lizzy's review of Summer Lies is very enthusiastic as well while I did notlike The Weekend. I'm annoyed that I didn't choose Homecoming or Summer Lies.

  2. Judith, I've just posted a meander on Schlink's Homecoming. I don't think I got around to joining the German Literature week.