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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where to Turn? Schlink, Thrillers, & More

This is the first weekend that I've had a chance to draw deep, calming breaths. I went for a two-hour fast-tempo hike today, with the temperature at a strikingly low 60 degrees following a week of temps in the eighties, yes, again. This seasonable fall weather of lower temperatures won't last, it seems, thanks to global warming. We'll be back in the high 70s by Thursday next week.

Reading: After finishing Pereira Declares by Antonio Tabucchi for Caroline's Tabucchi Week, starting Monday the 17th, I'll be starting Peace by Richard Bausch for Caroline's Literature and War Readalong on September 30th.

Now I need something completely different. How about a quick, easy thriller? I have so many novels to draw from in the house at the moment. It's staggering for me to see how many I've purchased this year that I haven't read yet. Yet I've chosen Sisters by Rosamund Lupton, her thriller that was published last summer in 2011, to read on my Nook. Quick, fast, and compelling, I've heard, so here goes.

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. I quite liked Lupton's novel. I think she has a new one out. I spent today reading Tabucchi and planning German Lterature Month. I'll post about it on Thursday. Schlink week fits in very nicely.
    My next read will be Peace. I could do with a quick thriller read as well now. I'm really glad you're joining both events.

    1. I read Lupton's Afterwards in the late spring--early summertime and loved it. Has she recently published yet another? I do hope so!! She's an extremely clever thriller-writer.

      Yes, I'm heading toward Richard Bausch's Peace as well, and am looking forward to it tremendously!


  2. Judith, I haven't read any of those ones but I've just borrowed Bernhard Schlink's Homecoming from the library. Did you see the recent Schlink article in the Guardian?

    1. Oh, Katrina!
      Thank you so much for informing me about the Guardian article!! If it weren't for someone like you telling me about it, I'd never know.

      I'm going to read Homecoming again. Did I mention I read it on the Kindle? I was talking about this with some colleagues today. Several in our group admitted that we had a poorer recollection of a novel read on an e-book reader.

      I find the Nook and Kindle splendid for simple mysteries, thrillers, and the like, but for serious literature, I just can't do it! So I'm buying a copy of Homecoming, hopefully a good hardcover edition for my collection, and I'll read it again!

      Best wishes to you and Jack,