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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Has Been My Undoing

That's true as far as my blogging is concerned. The past weekend brought a tremendous influx of migratory songbirds and it was hard to stay inside. Cindy was around, so that meant lots of walking and exploring. [Yes, all this drivel is leading to a book.] Wildflowers are everywhere, too, so I'm never sure whether I should be looking down or gazing up into the trees.

This afternoon my fingers trembled over the keyboard when I purchased yet another nature book to add to my collection, a relatively new title by my favorite nature writer, Bernd Heinrich. This 2009 book, Summer World: A Season of Bounty, will be shipped to me tomorrow.[Scroll way, way down on the Amazon listing for an interview with Heinrich. Cool!]

I had a library copy for several weeks, and realized that once again, like Winter World (sensational!), The Trees in My Forest (an essential reference!), A Year in the Maine Woods (loads of fun!), and all his other books, a single reading never suffices. I continually refer to these books, over and over again. So I need Summer World, the way a writer needs a thesaurus or a dictionary, or a beauty queen needs cosmetics.

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